"A FARM TO DEMONSTRATE economically profitable & environmentally sustainable model."

A large number of rural population in India is dependent on farming & farm related activities. The ever increasing cost of chemical fertilisers not only increased the expenditure for raising crops but also the excessive use of it has diminished the soil fertility. The decline trend in farm income reported in recent years has left farmers with no other options but to give up agriculture. Focusing mainly on crop production which is subjected to a high degree of uncertainty in income and employment needs to be re-looked. In this context, it is imperative to evolve suitable strategy for augmenting the income of a farm. Integration of various agricultural enterprises viz., cropping, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry etc. have great potentialities in the agricultural economy. These enterprises not only supplement the income of the farmers but also help in increasing the family employment. Integrated Farming promises a viable model for food security, rural livelihood and bio diversity. 

Reviving the knowledge of traditional farming system through creating awareness and skill training not only enhance the livelihood options of rural population engaged in farming but also would address the issues of food security and bio-diversity.

KHIAT Farm is a humble attempt by Kolping India, developed to demonstrate integrated farming as a productive and remunerative model for small landholdings. The farm developed in 1.15 acre of Land at Mangalpadi village at Kancheepuram District is set to train small, marginal farmers and agriculture labourers on the prospects of Integrated farming in a lab-like environment that facilitates learning, research & development.  
Kolping India is collaborating with academic and research Institutions, NGOs and individual experts for rolling out specialised training on Organic Farming & Livestock Management.    

In a country like India, where majority of population lives in rural areas, have low purchasing power and poor health delivery systems, it becomes imperative to approach the issue comprehensively through preventive, promotive & curative aspects where health care is made more affordable, easily accessible and more importantly institute a system that encourages healthy living.

Salient Features

  • Wholly Organically Managed Farm Judicious mix of many elements (milch cow, goat, poultry, ducks, quails, bees, fishes, plants & herbs) of Integrated Farm

  • Hatchery Unit

  • Fodder Cultivation & Dry Feed Production

  • Production of Organic Manure & Pest Repellent

  • Effective use of Renewable Energy - Solar, Bio Gas Efficient Water management system

  • Zero Waste Farm

  • Training Hall with 200 seating capacity, equipped with AV system

  • Sales Outlet

Since its establishment, the Farm receives regular stream of visitors from colleges, training institutions, government departments and general public.


Kolping Herbal & Integrated Agricultural Training Farm    Mangalpadi Village Melkathirpur Panchayat                        Vandavasi - Kancheepuram Bypass Road  Kancheepuram - 631 502                                                    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KHIATFARM/