Over the years, Kolping India has published several booklets for its members. These booklets have helped the Kolping members to get additional knowledge about how to plan income generation activities making use of the locally available resources and attain self-sufficiency. They acted as “knowledge banks” for the members who could make use of this additional knowledge while taking up income generation programmes and “march towards Self-sufficiency”, which is one of the main themes of Kolping movement.

Books published (Available only as Hard copies)

>> Agri and Agro Waste Based Products

>> Projects on Home Needs

>> Post Harvest Techniques and Products.

>> Electronic Projects.

>> Coconut Tree Based Projects.

>> Low Cost Housing.

>> Trees and Drylands.

>> Formal and Non Formal Institutions – A Glance.

>> Milch Animal.

>> Sea Weeds.

>> Palm Tree Based Products.

>> Casuarina and Neem Tree Based Products.